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Finding Diatomaceous Earth in Canada

Are you looking for a company who sells high quality Diatomaceous Earth in Canada? When it comes to Food Grade DE, we offer the best quality and very competitive prices. We make shopping online easy when you can buy directly form our website. Buying the best DE in Canada has never been easier!

Perhaps you're shopping for a small personal sized bag of DE. Or you might be looking to stock up with a bulk size for the season up ahead. Which ever size you choose, we are ready to send you product on the double! For bulk and Diatomaceous Earth Wholesale orders, please contact us for discounts on high volume orders and long term company relationships.

By the way, thank YOU for checking out our brand website! We appreciate keeping in touch with our customers, and being a reliable with both brand quality, and supply. Furthermore, our mission is upheld by our professional vision. Navigating the retail world with this perspective helps us to reach more people in a positive way.

Learn more of the basics with a complete list of subtopics on our mainpage about Diatomaceous Earth.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth serves as a prime example when it comes to natural alternatives. It has been around for centuries, even millenia... But it is just now that it is becoming well known for its versitile uses!

Here at Diatomaceous Planet, our vision is grounded in our informed, satisfied, and excited customer base. We want you to know about all the innovative benefits that come along with our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

After all, We Serve the Best Earth.

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Diatomaceous Planet's Company Mission

Our company mission is to bring the highest quality food grade DE to the common person. We hope over time, our brand will vehicle the safety and benefits of such an amazing natural alternative, all over the world.

It's important to know your neighbour and support local, and that's why we are first serving Canadians. Finding the best Diatomaceous Earth in Canada can be tough. And that's why we're glad YOU found US!

Without getting too spiritual about it, we also are happy to let our customers and clients know that we cherish the health of our planet! Our commitment includes that our product is (soon to be) organic listed, as well that our packaging minimizes the use of non-recyclable plastics. When you choose our Diatomaceous Earth, you are actively helping create a better future and world for everyone.

The Diatomaceous Planet Team

Our team and supply chain has been carefully selected, to reflect expertise specifically in Diatomaceous Earth products, logistical frameworks of North America along with manufacturing and agricultural know-how, paired with a strong sense of the new online world of e-commerce and contemporary fulfillment strategies... Our ultimate aim is to bring our amazing DE product to your doorstep fast, and at the best possible price.

Every person we reach is a new bright opportunity of natural alternatives. Allow us to be your guide if Diatomaceous Earth is new to you. We are happy to help you understand how and what to do, sometimes it can be overwhelming at first.

Currently DE is just one of our products as NovatTREE Labs (novatreelabs.com). Our contact service representatives are looking forward to serving your needs around any of our awesome natural and innovative products!

The best ways to contact us is by writing us a message here on our Contact Page, sending us an email, or leaving us a voice-mess for our call-back service. We are proudly Canadian owned and operated, inspired to deliver our customers only the very best.