Diatomaceous Earth for Industry

What other Industries Use Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has numerous applications across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and industrial processes. Beyond its well-known uses in farming and food processing, DE plays a crucial role in pharmaceutical formulations, water treatment processes, and industrial applications.

First, we'll explore these three applications...

Diatomaceous Earth and Pharmaceuticals:

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth may be used in pharmaceutical products as an excipient or inactive ingredient in tablet formulations, capsules, and topical medications. It can help improve the flowability of powders, act as a binding agent, or provide absorbent properties in certain formulations. Its inert nature and high surface area make it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical applications. In these applications, consistency, stability, and absorption are essential.

Diatomaceous Earth in Water Treatment:

Food Grade DE finds application in water treatment processes to remove impurities, sediment, and suspended solids from water. Its fine particle size and porous structure enable it to effectively trap contaminants. This makes it ideal as an efficient filter medium. In water treatment plants, DE helps enhance filtration efficiency and improve water quality by removing particulate matter and organic compounds.

Also, you may find Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth being used in conjunction with Chlorine Dioxide (our partner brand); the most commonly used chemical water sanitization practice. As an eco-friendly solution, DE stands amongst the most promising ways to keep people health and the earth green for a sustainable future.

D-Earth in other Industrial Applications:

Secondly, diatomaceous earth can be utilized in other industrial applications. For example, Non-Food Grade grades of DE are commonly used as abrasives, absorbents, insulation, and filtration media. These grades of DE can be found in products such as cat litter, oil absorbents, paint additives, and insulation materials. Lastly, DE is incorporated into construction materials such as paints, coatings, and sealants. The value is primarily for its fire-retardant properties, absorbency, and texture.


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