Diatomaceous Earth in Food Processing

Diatomaceous Earth Uses in Food Processing

When people are researching how to use Diatomaceous Earth, they often need to ask if it is Food Grade. What does it mean when a product is called food grade?

This is a regulatory term that means it is an ingredient that is usable in food manufacturing. That means that it can be used as ingredient to aid in processing, or in some cases it is an ingredient that is part of the finished food (or feed) product.

This is very similar to when you'll find a product that is a pharmaceutical grade. Comparable is epsom salts, where most people look for the cleaner pharmacy grade to know that it's safe.

Another example is baking soda, where certain grades are suitable for food, where others will be used in other applications (such as industry).

In parallel, consider Diatomaceous Earth another safe product to put on your shelf at home. That is why the term 'food grade' is so important; safety.

Similar using DE in animal and livestock feed, people are using it in the food industry, along with a number of benefits as well.

As a food processing aid, it helps to keep foods dry and flow properly.

One example given, is when food grade diatomaceous earth is used in spices, dry mixes, candies, or other products that you can buy from a store and keep for an extremely long time, while still maintaining its value. In other words, thanks to the DE, your spices are still spicy for months later!