Diatomaceous Earth for Farms and Homesteads

Diatomaceous Earth for Farms

DE for Farms and Feeds

One of the most common Diatomaceous Earth uses is in agriulture; particularily in feeds.

First and foremost we need to articulate the important difference between food grade and other grades of DE. The grade that we are offering you today is Food Grade, which means it is natural and safe.

Here we can go over some of the uses and benefits: to give your livestock a healthy glow, reduce and control internal parasites, freshen up the barn (indoors), and even more innovative applications!

The natural form of silica is what makes our diatomaceous earth so safe, it means that you can add it directly to the feed or daily ration for your livestock.

Yes, this is the absolute best possible way to give your animals exactly what they need when it comes to a silica supplement.

The health benefits are through the roof! Many owners notice a difference within the first few weeks of adding it to their feed recipe.

Taking a Closer Look at DE

Let’s take a closer look at some of the additional benefits you could have at your farm or homestead.

Add our DE to your Animal Feed in the amount of 2% (dry weight) or less for maximum health benefits and feed preservation quality.

This can be added by mixing into feeds directly, or in some cases in water for special cases. This product is to be used as an inert carrier and anti-caking agent.

Your animals need the right diet in order to be at their best health, and being at their best health will also yield the best performance.

Your animals want to feel healthy, they need all the proper nutrients and minerals included in a daily routine. This gives your animals optimal health, and maintain higher performance for years to come.

When you include our DE in your livestocks diet, you’ll see the way the natural silica strengthens a healthy coat, adding a silky shine.

Remember, that is just one of the many benefits you’ll notice when you begin using our Diatomaceous Earth.

When you add our Food Grade DE into your livestocks daily diet, the internal digestive benefits are monumental.

This is due to the ability of DE to reduce (often eliminate completely) many types of internal parasites.

The research and science behind these amazing effects is fundamentally related to the microscopic shape and ionic charge (negative) of the DE particle, which is a fossilized diatom.

As you can see, our product is a must have, to stock on your farm. We are excited to help you reach higher performance with your livestock.

Most of all, enjoy the benefits of cleaner and better health that naturally comes along with adding our Diatomaceous Earth to your daily operations.

Diatomaceous Earth Deodorizer

Here is yet another application on a farm, is to use Diatomaceous Earth as a Deodorizer. We know that chicken coup can wield a seriously offensive odour at times.

By dusting the bedding for your chickens, you can eliminate growing sources of ammonia, and help also prevent damage to your coup structure.

Maintain a healthy environment for your chickens, and you'll see the rewards in the end result.

As you can imagine, DE can play a vital role in any homesteading operation. Having such a versatile product on hand will be a real aid in times of need.

We are proud to present our product as being sourced from the cleanest and highest quality Diatomaceous Earth reservoir available in all of North America.

Join us today in the positive and natural adventure of using Food Grade DE in your homestead or small scale farm.

Diatomaceous Earth for Homesteads

DE Uses for Homesteads

Having your own small scale farm or homestead is becoming a more popular trend.

The truth is, the purpose of creating your own homestead reaches far beyond anything trendy.

This is an opportunity for a home and family to support themselves with a number of yields. For example, a homestead might have a large garden, greenhouse, and a chicken coop.

Another might have a full acre of crops, and two green houses. Of course, the scale is endless, where soon it becomes a small scale farm. It really all depends on what direction you plan to take it.

The way Diatomaceous Earth connects to farming and homesteading, is all about living the natural and healthy way.

Typically people will use DE in their gardens, and as a soil amendment in special cases. As for using it for livestock or a small barn, it can be both used as a supplement (dietary) and also for drying and absorbent purposes in feeds.

One very well known use for DE is in grain and feed bins. This is to preserve and protect the grain or feed, while also keeping it dry, and helping it flow when needed.

When it comes to a homestead, you might not have a full size silo, but other ways of storing feed for your livestock.

Have you considered adding our Food Grade DE to your livestock storage container? It would save many steps and dramatically improve the performance of your feed. Your livestock needs to be free of parasites, and have dry, clean, flowing, feed.