Diatomaceous Earth for Human Use

Diatomaceous Earth for People

Is Diatomaceous Earth for Human Use too?

When exploring Diatomaceous Earth for human use, it can mean a lot of different ways to use it. First, we are only talking about safe Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, alike to our own brand's product.

The popularity of using DE for personal health benefits continues to grow. Very steadily, year after year, more people are learning that it is natural and safe to use.

A lot of this upward trend is because of doctors and natural doctors alike are publishing more readily about how DE can help.

Who is talking about Food Grade DE?

For instance, WebMD talks about dosages for skin, hair, and nails benefits. What a huge step forward in the wide acceptance of using Food Grade DE for people!

Here we can demystify some of your outstanding questions; we want our customers to make informed decisions, and help with your personal research.

The easiest way to discuss DE being consumed by people, is when we see how it has been used in food processing.

Particularly, it is used as a functional food additive, mostly in beverage and dry food manufacturing. These industrial practices have continued to grow for almost a century.

Over time perhaps there will be even more innovations in using DE. We hope to inspire using our product positively for the environment, and for healthy lifestyle for the whole family (pets included!).

Based on these common uses, most people have already consumed Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in trace amounts along the way...

Disclaimer Details

Here is where, before going any further, we want to make a clear disclaimer to our website visitors and customers.

Our intention on this page is to help educate internet audiences in a helpful and informative manner; not to mislead or diagnose, not to treat, make direct claims, or guarantee results either.

However, there are uses for DE internally for people, very similar to the already accredited (and century old) uses as a supplement for animals, pets, and livestock.

Nonetheless, it’s true that some safe forms of diatomaceous earth have been reported as a personal supplement. See more about our disclaimer page here.

Diatomaceous Earth for Detox

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

The acclaimed benefits are nearly an exact parallel to using DE on farms and large scale agricultural operations.

Because the basic biology of our circulatory systems are so similar, the science supports the testimonies of people world-wide.

In some cultures using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a very old practice. For us, the news of it's powerful health benefits is spreading to a lot of people now, thanks to the internet...

DE for Personal Use

Its pure and natural form (amorphous) makes it safest kind of DE for personal ingestion. When the highly absorbent qualities are paired with the negative ionic charge, it is a truly uniquely designed particle.

Even more amazing is these particles were once living single-celled algae plants called Diatoms. Learn even more details on our What is Diatomaceous Earth Page.

These two special qualities combined is what makes it deadly for internal parasites. The porous structure absorbs and captures foreign particles (parasites, free radicals, heavy metals etc), while the negative ionic charge will draw in the foreign particles.

This makes Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth a very special ingredient for any serious detox.

Don't let those intruders make a home in your body, or your pet's for that matter. It is something challenging to think about, yet for so many people some kind of parasite is actually very common (alarming!).

DE and Heavy Metals?

Another concern that many readers about Diatomaceous Earth people ask, is can it be used for heavy metal detox for people?

Many health blogs claim that DE can be an excellent way to detox the body from years of exposure to metals and harsh chemicals.

Naturopaths in many cases support these claims, but it is on a case to case bases, where each reader is responsible for their own proposed (health) uses.

The science is very similar to how DE works on parasites.

The negative ionic charge from the natural silica draws the unwanted debris (metals), pulling them through the circulation and out the lymph, and digestive system.

Diatomaceous Earth: Supplement or Detox?

This is why DE is not really a supplement in this case, as much as it is better described as a detox ingredient.

Another supportive fact is that kaolin clay (similar in origin) is often used in medical diarrhea products for people, where a great comparison is when an illness is found in young calves called scours, where the effect of DE is parallel to Kaolin - a very powerful and reliable remedy!

It's presence in the body is harmless, however it has incredible absorbency, which in some cases can balance a number of issues.

Many Ways to Use Diatomaceous Earth:

In our Diatomaceous Earth Uses page, you can explore a few more details about how it can be used to make artisan products like soap and deodorant. Even further is the use of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth as a hair and nails supplement, in this case the body is absorbing small amounts of silica into the body.

Diatomaceous Earth for Skin

Many people notice their hair and nails grow faster and become stronger. Most often, the common health claim is that it benefits skin health when taking DE. Sometimes rashes are caused by other kinds of infections in the body.

Others have added DE to their bathing routines, some spas have assimilated their own uses as well. This might be in combination with bentonite clay or fuller's earth (for example).

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Testimonies

Please do your own personal research when using any diatomaceous earth, be creative but always be careful. Too much of anything can be harmful.

Here we have briefly mentioned a number of areas where people have many positive testimonies. The key ways food grade diatomaceous earth can help, is with digestion, skin health, food quality, and overall personal health.

These testimonies and reviews are scientifically supported in parallel with all the well known ways we see throughout the agricultural industry.

With many naturopaths in support of even deeper claims, and websites like WebMD posting dosage recommendations; we might be at the beginning of a very special time for Diatomaceous Earth and the ways it can be used for personal health!

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Parasites

DE and Common Parasites

Many of us have encountered parasites in one way or another, but how does it relate to Diatomaceous Earth? With decades of evidence behind us, those in the DE industry know how effective it really is.

The primary reason people have been using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for agriculture and personal health, is almost identical; its ability to control parasites.

Internal and External Parasites

Before we discuss some examples, let's first learn a little more about what internal and external parasites really are. Internal parasites often live in the small or large intestine, the stomach, and even the lungs or brain.

They are often undetectable without microscopes or other lab equipment and tests.

On the other hand, external parasites are more easy to recognize as common pests. For example, different kinds of worms or insects.

Head lice is the easiest example of an external parasite, where pinworms is a commonly encountered internal parasite.

Our Diatomaceous Earth is Safe

Using our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe; you can use it quite sparingly with huge results, in many cases like these.

When a person or animal is infected by an internal parasite, a lot of injury and damage can occur if left untreated.

By taking resources from the diet of the host, a parasite gains its daily nutrients. It might also take nutrients directly from the host by latching on, or burying itself into the living tissues of the host.

After a long duration of time, parasites will grow and proliferate with the possibility of injuring the host. In extreme cases, internal parasites are fatal.

This makes them a serious topic, and suggesting preventative measures is our extended responsibility as a seller of pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Parasites in Calves and Livestock

On a cattle farm, many will encounter a problem called scours. The prevailing symptom in calves is chronic diarrhea. When calves have chronic diarrhea, and even other symptoms, this means the livestock could be injured in the very formative months of its life.

Even other parasites can impact livestock, from new born offspring to your old and reliables. Preventing and controlling parasitic infections with our Diatomaceous Earth in cases like these, can really be a life and herd saver!

Choosing the right type of Diatomaceous Earth

Two very important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right kind of diatomaceous earth is the grade, and quality.

Firstly, it must be a Food Grade product, which means it is safe for ingestion, without many other internal hazards.

Secondly, the quality must be pure, in that the DE is not mixed with other additives or natural impurities. Our DE comes in at a whopping 89% (average) amorphous silica purity.

Along side our high purity, is the lowest level of crystalline silica, minimized at levels under 0.1% (0.001). Continue reading the next section to learn more details about Crystalline Silica in Diatomaceous Earth.

Battling internal parasites can be a serious matter, we recommend that you explore official recommendations and expand your personal research as much as possible.

We are happy to help you with a great DE product, and assist with other questions you might have along the way.

Send us an email message, or leave us a voicemail message and we'll call you back - Get in Contact.

Diatomaceous Earth and Crystalline Silica

Crystalline Silica

When silica is in its glass form, we call it crystalline silica. The geological difference is based on the molecular structure. In order for a crystal to form, the molecules must be aligned properly.

Usually this takes place under an environment of intense heat or massive amounts of compression. Once under these conditions, the silica element will become a crystalline structure.

When is Crystalline DE used?

Even though the crystalline form of silica can be dangerous, it still has its uses. The most common product would be in pool filters, where the crystalline powder is contained in a vessel or compartment, protecting it from becoming airborne.

When waters are rinsed through the filter, the microscopic glass structures help to collect debris and unwanted microbes.

Our DE is Pure - Not Crystalline

Our product is not crystalline, and we are very happy to provide the safest food grade available. This means our DE product is natural.

It has not undergone any heat or pressure treatments that would alter the product to be unsafe (crystalline).

Our product has been tested as having the lowest crystalline silica content, of less than 0.1% (<0.001). We mentioned this statistic as well in the above paragraph in relationship to controlling and treating internal parasites.

All our DE is natural and safe, where we encourage you to read up on our What is Diatomaceous Earth page for further reading.

We are happy to help with any questions, and are ready to connect you to a quality product with real results.

Negative ionic charge

How does the negative ionic charge in Diatomaceous Earth make it more effective?

Here we'll try to explore the best explanations possible about why DE is so effective, creating physical changes that amount to remarkable health benefits.

Diatomaceous Earth: The Science

Most of us are not scientists, and even most scientists are not professionals in physics. In this article we want to boil down some of the basics, to make it easier to understand...

One very important fundamental about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, is the uniquely strong ionic charge. Because DE is made of nearly pure silica, it holds an elemental charge no matter what form.

DE and Quartz

Does that mean Diatomaceous Earth particles carry an electric charge like quartz crystals? Yes, sort of... Offering the best possible example, we encourage you to look into what makes a modern clock tick (quartz).

 Diatomaceous Earth or Quarts; Diatomite compared.

There was a time when clocks and watches needed to be wound up with gears and springs. Often they would need to be fine tuned or reset, because the gears and springs were never really accurate enough to keep perfect time.

Suddenly, the common technology of how clockworks run (literally) quarts was used as the ideal component. It was discovered that a slight electrical stimulation (from a battery source) and the quartz will respond with a timely impulse.

This impulse is so steady and reliable, that the incremental ticking of a clock can revolve around it.

So how does the natural ionic charge in quartz rocks relate to Diatomaceous Earth?

Let's return to the fact that natural forms of diatomite are mostly made up of pure silica fossils. The silica is from the ancient layers of silica remains from living diatoms.

After mined, the natural rock diatomite is purified, and the result is nearly pure silica. The end product, of course, is called Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth and Free Radicals

If you have heard of 'free radicals' or other forms of foreign particles that do harm in the body, then we are on track.

The body of living thing (mammals in this case) requires to also have a negative charge, where positively charged particles are typically a quality of unwanted microbes.

When the DE silica particles encounter these foreign positively charged particles, they are attracted and bind together.

Because our bodies digest only minimal amounts of amorphous silica, the rest is dispelled along with the toxins.

Essentially, the negative ionic charge is a fundamental quality of Diatomaceous Earth that makes it effective against many unhealthy encounters.

We can speak with full confidence about our brand quality and the products we serve our customers.

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Safe Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth