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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 2kg/4.4 lbs

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 2kg/4.4 lbs

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Food Grade DE from Diatomaceous Planet is guaranteed to be the highest quality and purity you can find in North America. People are using our DE for all kinds of purposes and uses. This includes indoors, outdoors, with your pets, and even people too!

This 2kg (4.4 pounds) large bag of DE is perfect for a personal use, or casual use for a family or home. This is our most popular size.

Safety comes first with any natural product, and we encourage you to use our DE in what ways you need. We are also here anytime to answer your Questions about Diatomaceous Earth and help you along with your research!

If you would like to continue learning instead, you can return to our main page which covers all the subtopics and uses of Diatomaceous Earth.


We package our DE in recycled multiwall paper; shipped in a durable cardboard box.

Shipping & Returns

Most orders arrive within 2 business days. We are confident you'll love our product. That's why we can offer a 30 day gaurentee.


There is no expiry date for our Food Grade DE product. Store it safely and it can last forever!

Care Instructions

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is best stored in a cupboard. Keep it dry at room temperature, and it will stay fresh and effective.

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Why Choose Diatomaceous Planet?

Our Pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is derived from freshwater reservoirs, the best quality found North America (Nevada). This high quality multi-use natural product is ready to be shipped to your doorstep! Use this amazing multi-use products in your home, garden, and for your pets and people too. The quality of diatomaceous earth is based on the mining locations, and secondly how the DE is handled and stored through properly regulated supply chains.

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    Lower shipping costs are so important, especially now. That's why we've extended our best rates to all our Canadian customers with a 7.49 Flat-Rate. Enjoy fast and reliable shipping at nearly half the cost. (See Shipping Details)

  • We Over-Deliver...

    We are confident that you'll enjoy our Diatomaceous Earth so much, that we offer a 30 day return guarantee. Still researching? Make sure to contact our friendly customer support to help with your questions about Diatomaceous Earth.